Which Organized Living Solution is Right for Me?

             FreedomRail                    Classica

freedomRafgh Classica

Perfect if you want to be organized with a storage system that adjusts to the needs of your active family.

Perfect for traditional style with unchanging storage needs who want the look of built-in furniture.

Can be added to at any time and changed as needs change adding to the home’s resale value.

Offers limited adjustability and cannot easily be added to later.

Furniture-grade board is strong and melamine surface is scratch and stain resistant.

Furniture-grade board is strong and melamine surface is scratch and stain resistant.

Rails are made with extra steel. Pre-drilled holes allow for easy mounting to studs.

Thick radius edge band provides a softer, quality look with edges that are more durable and won’t chip or tear.

Uprights are made with extra steel and do not require mounting to wall.

All vertical panels are single pieces providing superior strength and holding power.

Position of Uprights, shelves and O-Boxes can change as needs change without requiring patching and painting walls. They can be moved without tools.

Multiple panel heights are available to fit a variety of needs.

The system includes wire and wood shelving, wood cabinetry and various accessories.

Wood drawer boxes are available in matching, complimentary wood grain patterns and colors.

Wire shelves lock securely into place on shelf brackets.

Full-extension, ball-bearing drawer glides operate smoothly and quietly and make everything in drawers easily visible.

Hardware for wood shelves allows them to be locked securely to shelf brackets.

Toe kicks (on floor-mounted systems) protect front of panels and provide clean front, furniture look.

Shelf brackets have anti-knock down design feature to protect owners from falling shelves and to provide a sturdy frame for shelving.

Cleat-based installation creates a system that stays in place so drawers and doors do not come out of alignment even if bumped.

Components are assembled with concealed cam lock fasteners.

Cam lock type fasteners make the system stronger by giving secure holding power.

There are many accessories offered - from Cubbies to Valet Rods.

There are many accessories offered - from Shoe Cubbies to Next Day Rods.